New Computer…

I am a geek with an old computer. The fastest desktop machine I own at home is a Celeron 400MHz. Yep. You heard it right, a Celeron 400MHz built in 1999. I really don’t game much, even less these days since the PC doesn’t even meet half the minimum requirements of current day games. Most of the work I do is done from a terminal prompt.

But the time has come. A new PC has been ordered! It should be a pretty nice machine. I have been a long time Intel fan, but in looking at the processors out there now it seems AMD has deservedly surpassed Intel. I went with one of the dual core offerings, the 3800+ to be exact. Coupled with an ASUS motherboard and 2GBs of RAM it should do what I need to. I am looking forward to its arrival now! 24 to 48 hours to process the order and then 3 day shipping to get it here.


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