Posting from the New Computer

I am now posting from the new computer. Fastest Fedora install I’ve done yet! Looks like I have some RAM to return, as 1GB of my 2GBs was bad. Can’t complain much though about “limping” along on only 1GB of RAM! Everything seems to be running well for now, we’ll see if this first few days brings me any surprises.

I still have some things to tweak out, get the video card doing something better than 800×600 and make sure some of the other things are working under Fedora okay. I am running with a wireless card right now as I still need a patch panel to punch down the drops I have in my house. Ended up using ndiswrapper to get it up and running, but that only took a few minutes.

For the most part this is a temporary install. I think Fedora Core 5 is being released in March sometime and I will probably rebuild a little more seriously then. For now its just playing with some things here and there.


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