Remote Linux Install Hacking

First, it’s way too late for me…. I am certain to regret this in the morning, but every so often you hit a groove and you just have to stay up learn a little something new. Tonight? linux vnc

I am working on some remote installation procedures on my home network for an upcoming project I am working on. Part of this meant looking closer at the ‘linux vnc’ option. Pretty nice option! Enable VNC for your Linux install by using linux vnc on your boot line. Now you have to add some more options to that to make sure you reach the point where the VNC Server kicks on, because if you are remote you really don’t want any prompting before that point.

Tweak a little on your grub.conf and point it to a http install location and you have a complete remote install solution. I’ll write more up on this later, but when I am tired tomorrow I wanted to remind myself of what exactly I was playing with last night!


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