Fedora Core 5

I installed Fedora Core 5 this weekend at home. The first run was in a VM. The install was very smooth and no issues to speak of during the install. The new Fedora logo is used in the distribution this time around as well as a bit of a bubble theme.

This time around I went with a Gnome only desktop despite my usual preference for KDE. I am already thinking I should have gone with KDE, there is something about Gnome that just doesn’t suit me. I think it must go back to my years of having used KDE.

I haven’t installed it on either of my other two main Linux machines. I think this coming up weekend I might put it on the new PC. I have purposely been keeping the new PC pretty lean in light of this Fedora release, so it shouldn’t take too much. The laptop has some data I need to shuffle off before I undertake putting Core 5 on it. That and since it is slower than the main machine will make the install take a little longer.

More Core 5 updates as I get it up and running on a machine I use on a regular basis.


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