Fedora Core 5 – New PC

I took the plunge tonight and installed Core 5 on the new PC. I had kept the new machine pretty light on the data because I knew I wanted to get Core 5 on it shortly after it was released. Tonight was the night. I shuffled what data I did have (mainly VMs and some ISOs) off to my /storage partition and fired off the install from the DVD.

The install process took some time. Longer than the Core 4 install did anyways, though I did install a few more things this time around (like OpenOffice). So it really isn’t too fair to dwell on that since my package selections were different. My brief stint with Gnome in the VM easily convinced me to stick with KDE, so that is what I installed this time around. Something about Gnome just doesn’t click with me. ::shrug::

Initial configuration was a piece of cake. All my hardware was detected and worked on the first boot with no issues. It is always nice when that happens. I always have to think back to my very first Linux install so long ago when it took me 6 hours just to get a GUI working! Linux has some a long ways in that regards and Fedora is no exception.

I have only had a chance to hit a few websites, hop on IRC and kick off a yum update, but Core 5 feels a little snappier. Who knows maybe its just the newness.

Well more thoughts and such as the next couple of weeks go by.


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