VMware Server Beta 2 and Fedora Core 5

VMware released Beta 2 of their server product a day or so ago. Since I had rebuilt the machine I use to host the VMs it was a good chance to apply that update as well. My initial install of VMware Server on Fedora Core 4 was very smooth. Installing on Core 5 was not so smooth, though I think all of the issues were my fault.

When I installed Core 5 I didn’t select any of the development tools. I usually do, I just chose not to for this most recent install. So I had to get a compiler installed and a the kernel-smp-devel package. Once I had those installed it went well. It fired right up and I was able to boot my VMs from the older version with no issue.

I haven’t played enough with the Beta 2 to note any significant differences yet.


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