AT&T Routing Internet Traffic to the NSA?

I am sure many of you saw the /. articles and such about AT&T routing Internet traffic directly to the NSA. I read through, wasn’t so sure of the initial sources and chose not comment on it at the time. I just saw this Wired article though with more details about what was going on.

So for those that laugh at my high interest in encryption – encyrpting my chat sessions, emails, etc. – keep on lauging. It is quickly becoming not so funny. Yeah, you’re right – do they really care what I have to say? Probably not. But the issue at hand in my opinion is the principal of it. Who gave these folks the right to monitor all Internet traffic? Do we not still live in the United States? The fear mongering is once again causing Americans to put up with their rights being lessened.

Really, who’s the victim here. It is the normal American. You can bet terrorists are using some sort of encryption or code to hide their communications. At any planning of any importance is certain to be guarded by such protections. It is the normal American that is the one subject to this loss of rights.



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