RAID 1 at Jeff’s World

I took some time this weekend to convert the home file server over to RAID1. Initially, last fall, early winter, I had intended to setup a file server running CentOS 4.x and then use a script to copy things off to a USB drive. This weekend I decided to switch it up a bit and convert the file server to RAID1 with the more critical things being archived to DVD.

I am running with a Hitachi 160GB drive and a Maxtor 200GB drive in the file server. The drives are mirrored with the 40GB of un-mirrored space being dedicated to install flats of various Linux distros to facilitate easy installs. That should also avoid any issue of using two of the same drives that came from the same bad batch.

Now my file server for Jeff’s World is a pretty lightweight box – Celeron 400 with 512MB of RAM. When I copy large volumes of data to the box the load does jump up there, but it seems to handle it just fine. And by large volumes of data I mean GBs worth at a time. The box also runs internal DNS for the house and some other odds and ends, but for a home server it should do just fine.

There is something very satisfying about running RAID1 at home. That coupled with the DVD backups of the really important stuff should serve me well.


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