I finally setup some of the PXE boot install config I wanted to. Now for all of my VMware installs (which can PXE boot) can easily be installed by a few clicks. No fumbling for CDs, just reboot, hit F12 and choose which installer to run. Currently I have Fedora Core 4, Core 5 and CentOS 4.2 ready to go, though they are interactive installs right now. I will streamline that more later.

There are several good resources out on the Internet to help get started with this setup. I was already running DHCP from my CentOS server and only needed to add a few lines to my scope. I also needed to install a TFTP server to host the boot images on. I also already have my install flats on the server for the three OS’s mentioned above.
I tested it out on a few VMs and it appears to be working great! This should make any future testing and installs go much, much quicker.


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