CentOS 4 i386 Live CD Released

The CentOS team released a live CD today. It is based on the CentOS Plus kernel and is geared to be a workstation. It contains the following highlights (stolen from the Announcement on the Mailing List):

Open Office 1.1.2

Evolution 2.0.2


Gimp 2.0.5

k3b 0.11.14

Gaim 2.0.0

XChat 2.4.0

It also offers the following tools for system recovery:

Read / Write access to XFS, JFS, ext3, ext2, NTFS, reiserfs

LVM2 Graphical Tool

GNU Parted







System Log Viewer

I downloaded it today and booted the ISO in a VM this evening. It of course had no issue with the VM and it does look pretty nice. It will be interesting to see how it works on a wider range of hardware. I will burn it to CD this weekend and boot some machines at work when I have time to see how it handles a wider array of hardware.

I think its a good move the CentOS team though as it will give folks a chance to try out a CentOS workstation without needing to commit to a full install.

Also it sounds like the 4.3 Server CD may be out Monday sometime for those of you waiting for that one-disk server install. Though I tend to just use the first CD of four and do a minimal install and then use yum to install whatever else I need.


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