It’s a Virtual World After All

July 16, 2006

Earlier this week VMware released the 1.0 version of VMware Server. Microsoft followed with releasing Virtual PC 2004 for free. Sometimes competition really does benefit the user!

I have used Virtual PC in the past, though it has been some time ago. I much prefer VMware these days for several reasons. The biggest reason being VMware runs on either Linux or Windows Hosts and the second being that VMware does not shy away from supporting various guest operating systems. And as of today VMware is a much bigger player in the virtual machine market – it is hard to beat their ESX server for enterprise use of virtual machine products. Getting familiar with any of their products should prove useful in the long run.

I installed the VMware Server version today. First time I have run into any sort of issue with the install. With the betas I had just installed one over the top of each other and had no issues. Today it didn’t seem so happy with that. After uninstalling my older version though the install worked very well. All my VMs fired right back up and appear to be working great.