"Windows Vista Capable" Hardware

I was browsing /. this evening and someone has linked to a hilarious Dell page touching on the hardware requirements for Windows Vista. The page is here. Once there choose the hardware link and browse the Hardware Requirements portion. The page is covering the various labels they have been putting on computers in preparation for Windows Vista – you know the ones like, “Windows Vista Capable” or “Windows Vista Premium Ready”.

On Dell’s page here is what they say “Windows Vista Capable” is good for… are you ready? Here it is:

“Great for… Booting the Operating System, without running applications or games.”

Great! So Dell is saying that if your computer is only labeled as “Windows Vista Capable” you had better not be wanting to do much more than boot the OS! Good luck to you if you actually want to run an application and use your computer! Of course they are listing the “Windows Vista Capable” hardware as only having 512MB of RAM and I know there are “Windows Vista Capable” machines out there with a GB of RAM. Still sort of funny though!


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