Vista Bug Forcing Reactivation

It didn’t take too long for this to crop up. A Windows Vista bug that forces reactivation. This bug in their highly touted Software Protection Platform forces a user to reactive their copy of Windows Vista over things as simple as a device driver update, installation of a program, the running of a program or removal of program. Apparently in some situations the only way to resolve the issue was to call Microsoft.

This is one of the biggest reasons I despise all the activation hoops and genuine windows detection Microsoft has so heavily been investing their time in. Problems such as these cause the paying customer (often times corporate customers – where hassling with reactivating OS’s is $$$ lost) trouble. Meanwhile the software pirates will continue to use their tricks to avoid having to deal with any of this. The person that suffers is Microsoft’s legitimate customer!

I understand that Microsoft is plagued by software pirates not paying for their operating system or other applications. Inflicting troubles such as these on customer is not the answer though. It’s bad enough for a non-technical home user to have to deal with this. It is equally unpleasant for corporate help desk folks to have to deal with this as well. There are enough other issues that aren’t directly inflicted by Microsoft to deal with on a day to day basis that people don’t need even more issues.

Now Microsoft does acknowledge this is a bug with the OS. However they failed to actually announce this patch until it started hitting the tech news sites. Then they admit that they released a patch at the end of January. Of course you can only get the patch from Windows Update if your operating system is proven legitimate. Brilliant! Microsoft is their own worse enemy these days.


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