VMware Server and SQL Server

I negelected to update this post regarding the issues we had been facing with Microsoft SQL 2000 running on VMware Server 1.0.1. Despite several attempts and different tactics tried I could not get the ERP upgrade the developer was working on to work without experiencing SQL errors.

I decided to try the eval copy of ESX Server. So I spent time shuffling off the VMs running on the current VMware Server (running CentOS 4.4 as the host) to my other one running on Windows. I then rebuilt the same hardware as an eval ESX 3.0.1 server. I moved the SQL VM back to the ESX server, made sure things were running good and turned it back over to the developer to test the ERP upgrade.

This time it worked flawlessly. The upgrade proceeded with no issues and completed. The developer has been happily working out the normal upgrade bugs with the ERP upgrade – which were not related the SQL issues at all, just broken customizations and such.

We are certainly glad it worked and I guess this just goes to reinforce that one should only run ESX Server in production.


2 Responses to VMware Server and SQL Server

  1. duke says:

    Which ERP system do you have?

  2. Elfshadow says:

    MAS 500 by Sage Software.

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