My friends turned me on to the now canceled television show Firefly (and later the movie Serenity). One of them had the series on DVD, as well as the movie. I watched them pretty quickly and I ended up getting for my own enjoyment later on. I rarely watch shows more than once – just a few movies are on the list that I tend to enjoy time after time. Well, here I am not even a month later and rewatching the series. I am enjoying just as much the second time through!

I think it is the SciFi/Western thing that I like. Sort of a wild west feel out in space. A combination that just seems to work for me. I enjoy most of the characters in the series as well, which does go far to make it interesting for multiple viewings. A really good series – too bad it was canceled.

To help fill my need for more Firefly I think I will pick up a few of the books off of Amazon. I have some gift cards built up and I think I could get most of the highly rated ones in one swoop. I will give myself a few days to avoid it being an impulse buy and probably order them up. Already have them in my cart!


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