DST Change – The Day After

So far, so good. I had written a script last wek to check the time on all the servers (Windows and Linux) and email them to me as a text file. That gave me a very quick way to see the state of affairs this morning when I woke up. All the servers looked good – they had all updated the time correctly as expected. I went into work this morning anyways, as there is a manual timer I needed to change which has no concept that DST changed and probably never will (it has been on the list to be replaced with something that uses NTP anyways, so no major loss there). I logged on from a machine or two, made sure my proxy auth was still working (I have a squid proxy tied into AD which is very sensitive of time drift due to kerberos). Everything seemed good.

So hopefully tomorrow will just be a million questions about why some calendar appointments are off (after the userbase certainly ignored the emails I sent on the subject when we initially patched the client OS’s) and probably a machine or two we just forgot to update. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

On a humorous note – I popped on Lady Elfshadow’s laptop this morning and saw the time was off! In all the prep for keeping work machines updated I had neglected to update her iBook. Easy fix, just check the available software updates, tell it to grab the DST fix and a reboot later it was good to go.


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