HP nx7400 Display Issues… Again!

Last fall work provided me with a new HP nx7400. The thing seemed great at first and then the display issues started. Occasionally when the thing hibernated the LCD display wouldn’t come back. Power off, power on and sometimes that worked. Other times you had to pull the battery, do the dance and sacrifice a chicken to get it to come back. About two months ago it finally came to the point where nothing I did would get it to come back. That resulted in a return to the warranty depot for an LCD replacement/repair.

Now, today – I just had the same issue happen. No LCD. The laptop boots, you can hear it booting. But there is absolutely no display. I will call them again in the morning and see what happens – probably another trip back to the warranty depot for the laptop. Unfortunately, this is about the worse possible time for this issue to resurface. Over the next few weeks I will need to be working from home a bit more than usual and that laptop was the only machine I have that actually runs Windows on it. Hopefully the repair will once again be quick and I won’t be without it for too long.


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