Never leave the tapes in the car…

For those not following, The Columbus Dispatch ran the following article today:

The intern forgot to take the backup tapes inside. He has now lost his job. Uh, what is the State of Ohio doing sending tapes to people’s homes? This intern is apparently told to take the tapes home with him, forgets to take them out of the car and is fired when they are stolen from his car because he apparently only remembered to take them in 85% of the time.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Does the State of Ohio really condone taking backup tapes home? Are they really that much safer in the apartment or home of the intern? It sounds to me like the State of Ohio really needs to look at some of their policies if backup tapes going home with people is acceptable.

Folks… tapes containing sensitive data should not be taken to an employee’s home. There are service available in Ohio that will transport your tapes to secured facilities with paper trails. Even in these cases, the sensitive data should be encrypted.


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