Fedora 8

This week I took the time to work with the latest Fedora release – Fedora 8. My main laptop is still suffering from LCD issues, so I have not been able to use it as I normally would. Earlier this week I used the Live CD to get a glimpse of it.

The first boot was on a VM running on VMware Server. Everything just worked (as expected). I tried out the install to Hard Disk option which also worked great. No issues with that install.

I needed Fedora install on a laptop for a Release Party on Thursday night. With mine in the shop I figured I would make use of the Fedora 8 Live CD. I used it on a Sony laptop, which I have found needs one to jump through a few more hoops than I find on other vendor’s machines. Depsite that, the Live CD worked great – the largest issue being brightness control. That was easily fixed by installing the spicctrl package and cranking the brightness up. It ran great.

This weekend I added a Fedora 8 install image to my installs served via http and the PXE boot setup I have at home. Today I installed Fedora 8 on an older Dell laptop via my PXE boot setup. The install took a little time, but that was to be expected for the older hardware I installed on.

I am always impressed at how much better and complete Linux installs get with each new release. I think most everything is working on this laptop with a minimum amount of fuss. Even the on-board wireless card is working – something I tend to cheat on and just toss in an old Orinoco card that always works. On top of that – the laptop specs are a Celeron 1GHz with 256MB of RAM. For those type of specs the OS runs remarkably well. Sure it swaps out when I open too many apps, but adding some more RAM to the machine would surely solve that.

Fedora 8 seems to be a great release. I can’t wait until my LCD is finally fixed on my main laptop so I can get it installed on there. If you haven’t tried Fedora 8, grab the Live CD and give it a try! You would be amazed at how much more life your old hardware has left in it.


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