Google Apps

I am giving Google Apps a try for one of my domains. I really hadn’t been planning on trying it, I was relatively happy with my current hosting situation. Several months ago I started forwarding all of my email to the various domains I have to Gmail. The Gmail interface worked for me, I could access it from any computer without needing to setup IMAP settings on each PC. And now that Gmail offers IMAP access I always have the possibility of using a thick client if I feel then need. This setup has worked well for the past several months.

Then this week happened. Any emails forwarded from my hosting provider to Gmail have been taking 12 to 24 hours to get passed through. The hosting provider is aware of the issue and is supposedly working with Gmail to resolve the issue. But as of yet, no change for the better. Most of the mailing lists I subscribe to are affected by this forward. Now I could have resubscribed to the lists with a gmail address directly, but the reason for the forward is to minimize me ever having to change the subscribed address – I could just update the forward.

After three days of this I decided to setup a Google Apps account for one my busier email domains. The setup was pretty painless. I still have to play with some of the features, but for now my email is happily flowing without delay.


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