Agh! Vista.

Agh!! Vista is driving me nuts. Yes, I am a Windows and Linux admin, so I need to work with Microsoft OS’s as well. I have been test driving Vista for the past few months. At first, it wasn’t so bad. But as real work needs to get done I get very frustrated with its performance.

Example, I was running Fedora as the main OS on the machine I run VMware Server on. I could run about four or five VMs in the background and you tended to forget they were even running in the background. Now I am running Vista with VMware Server. Ugh! Even running *one* VM is painful! Just to start it and the OS starts hitting the disk heavily. Once it gets running it isn’t too bad – but keep in mind I am running *one* VM compared to the four or five I used to run.


2 Responses to Agh! Vista.

  1. Joe says:

    Vista Sucks. I haven’t used it in an administrative capacity yet but testing it at home I can safely say that I will not be looking forward to the day that I have to use it. My Kick Ass machine at home that had not trouble running XP chokes on Vista. I am upgrading the video card this weekend in hopes that it will improve the performance. We’ll see.


  2. Elfshadow says:

    Today I am backing things up and getting set to install Fedora 8 on the main machine. My patience has worn thin with Vista whose performance seems to have slowed over time. If I am going to swap OS’s I need to do it while school is on break. Hopefully I will have Fedora 8 running by tonight!

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