Bye Bye Vista!

Last night I rebuilt my main desktop computer and I now have it running Fedora once again. It feels good to be back! As mentioned in other posts, I was running Vista for a couple of reasons. One, my $dayjob involves supporting Windows networks. Two, I kept hearing the stories about Vista but hate to base my own opinion solely on what one reads on the Internet – that is just not wise. Three, running Vista myself helps me understand better what Fedora does well and what Microsoft does well.

My Vista experience did not start out so bad. But over time and as I started to do more and more real work I felt the OS was consuming too many of my system resources and limiting what I should be able to do with my computer. It seemed to do what is typical of many Windows systems, exhibit a performance decrease over time. With the holiday break it was time to move back to Fedora – which is what had been running on the desktop before the Vista trial (my laptop has been running Fedora).

I installed off the recent Fedora Unity re-spin to save myself some updates. I used a DVD install and it went along without any issues. I was soon up and running with Fedora 8, followed by a quick ‘yum update’ to catch the updates since the date of the re-spin.

Everything pretty much worked out of the gate. In fact, installing the printer was the easiest, most pain free printer install I have ever done – on either Microsoft OS’s, Apple OS’s or Linux OS’s. I just chose Add Printer, pointed it to the IP of my network printer, it knew it was a Brother printer, I selected my model number (7820N) and said Okay. It was that easy. It was more work to install the same printer under Vista than it was in Fedora.

There is an Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT in this machine. I headed off to install the driver for it. No issues installing and Compiz worked well.

The only downside is if Compiz is enabled the Fast User Switching breaks. Unfortunately I need Fast User Switching to work as the main machine is used by several family members. I ended up disabling Compiz and even with the proprietary driver installed the Fast User Switching still appears to be working. A little disappointing, but I can get the eye candy on my laptop – so that will have to suffice for now.

I consider this another great success. Every release is easier to install and just have things work. As I mentioned, I did more configuration work to get Vista in proper order than I did to get this Fedora 8 install running.


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