Hello Planet!

I recently had my blog added to Planet Fedora and felt that a brief introduction was in order.  Despite the recent blog addition I have been a contributor to Fedora in some manner for the past two years.

I started out with the Fedora Ambassadors and continue to work in that capacity when and where I can.  My work there has included helping organize the Fedora booth at Ohio Linux Fest 2006 and 2007 – both of which very successful.  I am hoping for the opportunity to serve on the Fedora Ambassador Steering Committee.

I also worked with the Fedora Infrastructure team for a time.  That was a great experience and a lot of fun working with those guys.  I went on leave from that team at the birth of my second child which cut into my time just a bit.  As my time frees backup I continue to lurk and wait for a task I can help out on and get back involved with that team – my main interests are in system administration.

So why choose now to have the blog added?  Well, for one I am still here after two years!  And with the New Year upon us I am hoping to increase my roles as a contributor where I can.  More involvement with the Ambassadors, work on getting the Store SIG back on its feet, do what I can with the Bug Zappers and hopefully pitch in where I can with the Infrastructure team.  Having a widely read forum of like minded folks can sometimes play a great role in either drumming up support for a special project or simply help keep the community aware of what is happening within the Fedora community.

I’m looking forward to what lies ahead!


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