Fedora Store SIG

Back in November Max started a Fedora Store Special Interest Group with this post to the fedora-marketing mailing list:


The goals of the Store SIG are pretty straight forward:

  • Making it easier for Ambassadors and event organizers to get swag in bulk, for a good price, and for reasonable shipping charges.
  • Making it easy for users who just want one or two items to get them, again without crazy shipping fees.
  • Making it as easy and automated as possible for designers to create new products.
  • Not having to do any physical distribution or order processing ourselves.
  • Providing an international service.
  • Being transparent regarding money.

Most of these goals are all about making it easier to get Fedora “swag” out to events and LUGs for Fedora Ambassadors and help Fedora users easily acquire T-shirts, stickers and any of the other items people have proposed on the Store SIG page.

The SIG has had a few meetings before the holiday break and you can see some of the things we have discussed under the open action items and meeting summary page.  Now that the holidays are over we are looking at moving forward with this once again.  There are two major open items we need to take care of to really help move us along.

One, we need a mockup of the store.fedoraproject.org page we have in mind.  There is a general requirements page to work off of to help with that – we just need someone more artistically inclined to help us with that.

Two, we need to make a choice for a vendor to work through for this project.  We have a list of them on the Store SIG page.  We would like to see some more pros and cons added by people who may have used these sources in the past.

Unfortunately I will not be at FUDcon to work on this, so we will be holding a short meeting on Wednesday, January 9th at 18:00 UTC in #fedora-mktg to go over some of our open items.  Please drop by with comments on what we have so far – all input is welcomed.  And even if you do not have time to join the SIG, feel free to edit the wiki pages with feedback on any of the ideas proposed so far or add comments on the vendor list we have now.


3 Responses to Fedora Store SIG

  1. Max says:


    I think it’s great that you are picking up the ball and running with it — I really appreciate you helping to make sure the Store SIG doesn’t collect dust.



  2. Joe says:


    I am excited about this. I know from working the booth with you guys at the past few Ohio Linux Fest’s we had some difficulties.

    Are there any thoughts to using the gentleman that we bought the T-Shirts from in the Toledo area? I still wear mine all the time and it is coming up on 2 years old. The quality was great and they were definitely a hit at the show.

    Also, I have a contact with Norwood for more specialty items. I am not sure that the prices would be competitive but they have some very nice stuff. I am happy to help so let me know if there is anything you need.

    On a seperate but similar thread of interest has there been any thought to putting together an Ambassador’s “kit” for shows, similar to what we have seen the Gnome guys do? I think that would be a great idea and I would be happy to help contribute to that project if it were to come about.


  3. jtadlock says:

    We think the store will be a good thing for both Fedora Users and Fedora Ambassadors once we get it in place.

    I do have the person we used for T-shirts and stickers at the Ohio Linux Fest listed at the Ambassador Vendor page here:


    Those T-shirts seemed to have been a big hit and the quality was certainly very good. So far he is the only listed American distributor for Fedora T-shirts in bulk. I have let them know they are listed and it should make working with them pretty easy.

    We may branch out into some other bulk items, maybe we can try them out for the next Ohio Linux Fest.

    We have a page up for the Event Box here:


    It still hasn’t really taken off yet though. Another Ambassador did add a personal event box though, which is the type of things you usually bring for us. So it is at least a helpful page for thinking of what one needs to take to a booth. We just need to take it to the next level and obtain some of it for sharing amongst other Ambassadors.

    Thanks for the comments!

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