Fedora 9 – Codename Sulphur

If you haven’t seen yet, the Fedora 9 codename voting results are in. Josh Boyer announced the winner last night with this email to the Announce List:


The winner was Sulphur with 62 votes beating runner-up Bathysphere which had 54 votes.

Yes, I admit it. I voted for Sulphur…


3 Responses to Fedora 9 – Codename Sulphur

  1. Fred says:

    I work with Sulphur (Sulfur) in the real world. It is very flammable and frequently catches fire/explodes without warning.

    I’d hate to have a Distro with these qualities.

  2. Fred says:

    Oh, and i forgot to say, it smells like rotten eggs… Really:


  3. jtadlock says:

    Yes, sulphur is an interesting codename – but it is just that – a codename and not the actual element. 🙂

    Fedora has a history of tying their codenames together through unusual relationships. In this case sulphur being an ingredient in a mythical cure for lycanthropy (werewolf).

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