Home Hardware Upgrades

February 22, 2008

I received a couple of early birthday presents today. A 2GB RAM upgrade for the main desktop PC in the house running Fedora 8 and a 320GB SATA drive. Installed them after dinner this evening and am now enjoying the new RAM and extra hard disk space. That brings the main desktop machine up to 4GB of RAM and about 800GB of attached storage.

I run several VMs on the newly upgraded machine, several of which I use when I help the Fedora Unity crew test their re-spins. Now I can throw a little extra RAM at those VMs and shuffle them off to a different spindle and one with more cache to speed those tests up a bit.


Fedora Store SIG Update (a.k.a. the State of the SIG Address)

February 9, 2008

It is time for a Fedora Store SIG update! To bring people up to speed, the Fedora Store SIG was founded by Max Spevack as a means to solve two major issues – provide an easy way for Fedora users and contributors to obtain Fedora merchandise and help direct Fedora Ambassadors to vendors that are near them who can help fill bulk orders for events they attend. More details can be found on the Fedora SIG page.

We have made progress, though it has been slow going. With the past two meetings being canceled due to lack of attendance I felt it was time to provide a summary of where we are at today and what last things we need to wrap up in order to move forward.

Let’s start with some of the things we have accomplished so far. We now have an AmbassadorVendors page in the wiki to help Fedora ambassadors locate a vendor in their area to place bulk orders for T-shirts and such from. Ambassadors are welcome to continue adding to this page as they work with vendors in their area and have a good experience.

We have also created a potential vendors list page for a distributor/online store to center discussion on who to use for providing merchandise to Fedora users and contributors in smaller quantities. This page includes pros and cons the group has come up with for each potential vendor.

And finally, we have created a rather long list of potential items people would like to see. Obviously we cannot use all of them out of the gate, but we certainly have a wide array of items that people have express interest in with the Fedora logo emblazoned on.

So, what’s left? We need to decide on a vendor. The front runners at this point seem to be www.cafepress.com and www.spreadshirt.com. We really need more input on this aspect though. The pros and cons are listed on our potential vendors page.

Initially I was leaning towards spreadshirt.com, but as time has gone on I am leaning more towards cafepress.com. The basis for this is from a recent discussion regarding posters on the Marketing and Ambassadors list. Mairin Duffy worked up some great Fedora posters and discussion quickly turned to making them available for purchase. If the store was hosted on spreadshirt.com, the option really isn’t there. With cafepress.com we could easily upload the graphics and have the posters ready for sale. This is a major selling point to cafepress.com to me. But we need more opinions.

The other item the Store SIG could use some help with is a mockup of a potential store.fedoraproject.org page. We have outlined some general requirements on the wiki. I have also submitted requests to the Art Team’s mailing list and to the Websites team Page Request page. A mockup would really help pull things together for the concept we have in mind.

That’s where we stand. If you have comments on cafepress.com versus spreadshirt.com, please post them to the mailing list, add comments to my blog or update the wiki page. If you can help with a mockup of a store.fp.o page, please volunteer and let me know.