RHCE Certified

I sat the RHCE exam as part of the RH300 class yesterday and passed! This was my first time taking the RHCE and it was a very good experience.

For all of those that I kept replying in emails or in IRC that “I’m in training this week” you should see me being a little more responsive to emails and such as I get back into the more normal swing of things.


4 Responses to RHCE Certified

  1. Mike McGrath says:

    :: high five :: Good job, the more RHCE’s we have in the world the better!

  2. Xonicman says:

    I would like to congratulate passing RHCE certification. Great job!

    I don’t want to ask you about details of exam, because you mustn’t talk about it, but I would like to know, how did you prepare for exam?

    Did you use particular book or take same RH courses?

    Did you remind all RHCE tasks from your experience with Linux? How much experience did you have before learning to this exam?

    I’ve been Linux administrator for 3 years, I’ve already have LPIC-2 certification, but RHCE seems more popular and I think about taking RHCE exam.

    Once again – congrats RHCE.

  3. Thomas Chung says:

    We could definitely use more RHCE skills in Fedora Project.

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