Fedora 9 Release Parties

The Fedora Ambassadors have been busily planning release parties to occur in the two week or so timeframe after the Fedora 9 release.  Today, Jesse Keating announced the two week slip in the release of Fedora 9 to allow sufficient time for the Preview Release to be put out and catch any last minute bugs.  Just a little extra time to put that polish on the release before the new targeted release date of May 13th.

For Ambassadors who already have scheduled release parties affected by the new release date, you will likely need to adjust your plans slightly.

For everyone else – now there is even more time to organize a release party in your local area!  If you need a little help planning a party, be sure to check the Release Party Planning page for ideas.  Then choose a date and location and add your release party to the Fedora Events wiki page.  Big party or small, organizing a release party in your area is a great way to help increase Fedora usage and find new contributors to the project.


2 Responses to Fedora 9 Release Parties

  1. […] Ein Blick in den offizellen Releasplan zeigt, dass der Release auf dne 13.Mai verschoben wurde.  Offiziell habe ich davon noch nichts gehört aber im planet.fedoraproject ließt man eine beiläufige Erwähnung. […]

  2. axelilly says:

    Thanks for the update Jeff. I hope we see a lot of these parties happen, they’re a great idea.

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