Need a Reason to Hold a Fedora 9 Release Party?

Are you still waiting for a reason to hold a Fedora 9 release party? Well, FAmSCo has decided to add one more reason to the list – a Release Party Contest! That’s right – a contest!

FAmSCo has arranged to offer a Fedora laptop bag as a prize for this contest. A picture of the bag can be seen here:

Fedora Laptop Bag

Here is how to make sure your release party is eligible for this contest. First, it needs to be held sometime between May 13th and May 27th of 2008. That gives you a two week window to schedule your event. Next, we will need to know how your release party went, so we need to see an event report posted to the Ambassadors list and an Ambassador’s blog. The more details and pictures you can provide from your release party, the more information FAmSCo will have to determine a winner. You can use the Event Reporting Guidelines for help on writing an event report. This is a global contest, so an ambassador from any country is eligible to win.

FAmSCo will select one winner from the release parties that meet the above eligibility guidelines during the week of June 2nd, this allows time for everyone to post an event report prior to that date. The following is an example of things FAmSCo will look at when determining the winner of the contest.

  • Number of Attendees
  • What happened at the event party (live USB stations, install fests, Q&A, etc.)
  • Creativity, this is the wildcard category – we know there are lots of great ideas out there, let’s hear about them.
  • Event Report Quality

And remember, whether the release party you organize wins the contest or not – all release parties are a great contribution to the community, helping promote Fedora in your region and bringing even more people to Fedora.

There is still plenty of time to put together a release party in your area. Just add your event to the Fedora Events page and start planning! If you have any questions, feel free to let a FAmSCo member know.


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