Central Ohio Fedora 9 Release Party Report

The Central Ohio Fedora 9 Release Party was held on Thursday, May 15th at an area Cup O’ Joes in Bexley, Ohio.  We had several Ambassadors in attendance other than myself, including Brian Pepple and Joe Connelly, who also helped organize the event.

We had advertised the Release Party through some selectively placed flyers on the Capital University campus and Ohio State University campus and a couple of the local open source mailing lists.

We had iso images of nearly every Fedora 9 flavor available for burning to either CD/DVD media or for creating Live USB keys with.  We also had a good stack of Fedora stickers for handout as well.

The attendance total for the evening, not including the three of us helping organize and run the release party was six people.  Some could not stay for long, but the others hung out for most of the evening.  The event was relatively informal – the evening focused on enjoying coffee and bagels while answering questions regarding the new release and features it included.  Amongst the conversation we burned a few DVDs for folks to take home with them and handed out some of the Fedora stickers we had on hand.

A good time was had by all!


2 Responses to Central Ohio Fedora 9 Release Party Report

  1. I’m really glad that the release party went well! I really wanted to come, but that evening I was unable to make it (despite having RSVP’ed far in advance). It would have really been nice to have met some of the local Fedorites.

  2. @Basil
    Yeah, we missed you! Brian and I wondered if you were going to make it. Don’t worry though, I am sure we will do another one for Fedora 10!

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