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It appears the default for the starting directory when using nautilus-open-terminal from the right click menu has changed.  Previously when right clicking on the desktop and choosing ‘Open Terminal’ you were given a prompt in your home directory.  With Fedora 9 when right clicking on the desktop and choosing ‘Open Terminal’ it now defaults to your Desktop directory.  Now this does make sense as to why it does that – but it isn’t like it used to be!

It is easily changed back to the ‘old style’ though if you are so inclined.  Make sure you have gconf-editor installed – if you don’t you can run yum install gconf-editor to install it.  Then run gconf-editor and expand the ‘apps’ section and scroll down the list to ‘nautilus-open-terminal’.  On the right hand side, place a check mark in the box for ‘desktop_opens_home_dir’.  Close gconf-editor and now you are good to go!


5 Responses to Open Terminal Default

  1. Michael says:

    Actually, I think it opens in the directory that it was selected in. Say you have /home/jtadlock/My_ubercool_photos, and you right clicked and selected Open Terminal, you’d get the prompt of [jtadlock@localhost My_ubercool_photos]$ However I think I might change this with your help above, as I kind of prefer just getting the home dir as well

  2. ahhhgnome says:

    thank you. I hadn’t gotten around to fixing this yet.

    please god, I hope this means they’ll be moving their crappy xdg user dirs underneath ~/Desktop by default, right?

  3. @Michael
    Yeah, it opens in the directory that it was selected in, which is why the change from F8 does make sense, if I right click on the desktop it should open a terminal already in Desktop. But in the past, it used to open in the root of the Home directory even when right clicking on the desktop. I had grown accustomed to the old behavior even though the new behavior is touch more logical.

    Even after making the change in the blog post, the behavior you describe will still work – which is great as I do want that behavior when choosing to open the Terminal from other directories.

  4. stickster says:

    By the way, this is captured in the release notes as well, at:

    The setting respects any alternate location setting for your personal Desktop directory, as well.

  5. @stickster

    Thanks! I had gone looking in the release notes as the change felt like a release note type item. Of course I missed it! I was looking under the Fedora Desktop section and then skimmed the other entries in the table of contents – not thinking to click on utilities.

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