Fedora Polos – North America

July 22, 2008

My Fedora Ambassador polo arrived last week on my doorstep just before our impromptu two day trip to Wisconsin last week. I have been meaning to show it off a bit on the Planet and am just now finding time to do so. The quality of the shirt looks great and I am really pleased with it.

First the shirt:

Fedora Ambassador Polo

Fedora Ambassador Polo

And many thanks to Pascal Calarco for getting this done for those of us in North America that wanted Fedora polos. He took care of contacting a vendor we have worked with before, getting the designs to them, the quotes handled and then coordinating payment for those of us who added our name to the order list. Thanks Pascal for the hard work you put in on this. Mine looks great – can’t wait to wear it to my next event!