FADNA Report

In conjunction with the Ohio Linux Fest this year we held the first Fedora Ambassadors Day for North America.  FAD took place on Sunday morning at a conference room at one of the local hotels.  Many thanks to Clint Savage and Dave Nalley for being the organizing forces behind this – making sure we had a conference room, getting some budget for it and making sure we had a solid agenda.  Also thanks to all of the ambassadors that paid their way to Ohio and stayed until Sunday for the event – I know several of them did not get back home until late Sunday and even early morning Monday.

I headed up around 7am – stopping off at the store to get some food and coffee for the group.  Dave was already there and it didn’t take long for the others to start drifting in.  There were lots of people in the FADNA shirts that Clint designed.  Power cords were run and extension strips setup so we could all get powered up and a few minutes spent getting everyone online via the hotel wireless and logged into the #fadna channel we had on IRC.

We also had streaming audio for the event which allowed other people to listen in if they wanted and to communicate with us via IRC.  This worked really well and allowed Jeroen van Meeuwen from the Netherlands to join us.  Having him listen in was very helpful as he was able to provide insight on how Fedora EMEA handled certain things.  Without the streaming audio it would have been much more difficult to receive the valuable comments and feedback from those that could not actually be in the room with us.

Clint opened the day with a ‘What is an Ambassador’ presentation.  That helped set the day off to a good start.  From there we discussed a wide variety of topics – should we form an NPO similar to the EMEA to help with funding, touched on media creation and tackling that task, the idea of increased mentoring from the Fedora Ambassador group to facilitate getting new contributes up to speed, marketing ideas – including the Ambassador Kit proposed by Clint that would help solve a lot of smaller ‘event’ issues and we even touched base on the Fedora Store.

I think this was a very successful Fedora Ambassador Day.  We had around 11 ambassadors in attendance and it afforded an excellent opportunity to meet people face to face and help build energy behind the North American Ambassadors.  Again, thanks to everyone who took time from their weekend to attend and contribute their ideas.  If you ever have the chance to attend one it is highly recommended.

For other North American ambassadors, this is a very exciting time for us.  People are working hard to make things easier to represent Fedora at events – whether that be a large conference or speaking to a few folks at a local lug.  There are plenty of people now to help answer your questions and get you started.  So if you’ve been lurking as a Fedora Ambassador not quite sure where to start, this is a great time to speak up on the Fedora Ambassadors mailing list or on #fedora-ambassadors and ask for help.  There are many folks that will be happy to help you with whatever you would like to accomplish as a Fedora Ambassador.


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