Jeffrey Tadlock, Sys Admin.


2 Responses to About

  1. Nick Thorley says:


    I am about to install F8 on my hp nx7400 and read your posts. I wondered now it has been installed for a few months how things are going and if you have resolved the problem with the xen kernel and your wireless.



  2. jtadlock says:

    Fedora 8 has been running very well on my nx7400. Network Manager is working quite well with the onboard wireless, sound works, the wired network works, the display does fine and it will suspend with no issues (I don’t hibernate much, but I seem to recall it did work when I tried it).

    I have read since some of my earlier posts that the fans sometimes don’t like to kick back on after a suspend. I did have some heat issues once, but I was doing a large yum update *and* had the laptop sitting on the couch – so that may have contributed it.

    I installed gkrellm after that and watched it for awhile and it seems to do fine, so I am thinking it had more to do with me having a vent blocked than anything else. I haven’t had that issue since.

    Good luck with your install!

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